On the 05 of January 2006 Buyana Financial Services officially started its business as an independent brokerage after the regulator for Financial Services board have issued a license to operate as a financial services provider.

In the past 10 years, there were changes in the insurance industry.  Representatives and key individuals were required by legislation to undergo training and write regulatory examinations.  The financial service providers had to comply with the regulations of the financial services board.  Treating customers fairly is most important regulation that must be adhered to at all times.

We would like to thank all our clients who supported us and carry on putting their trust on this organization.  We also thank our staff members for working tirelessly providing intermediary and financial advice to all our clients.  You have added more value to each and every client and the organization.

In this period this organization has moved from strength to strength in terms of adding more tools for offering service to clients.  We are always on line.  We respond to clients’ needs and queries quicker than most of our competitors.  Staff training in handling client queries is more important in this organization.  The client is not just a number; we give individual attention to everyone.  We are now using a program that helps us with financial need analysis, keeping client’s records, communication with clients, client serves and compliance is more efficient than before.

Retirement Planning

Pre and Post Retirement financial planning is more important for everyone.  If you are working or economically active, the sooner you start saving for retirement the better.  We will help you through the steps of financial need analysis.  This will show you the capital you need at your retirement age to provide monthly income to maintain your lifestyle at retirement.  We explain the savings vehicles that are available in the market with lower costs and tax savings while maximizing returns on your investment.  At retirement you can invest in a life annuity or living annuity that will give you monthly income.