• Doing business with a brokerage backed with experience in long – term financial planning.
  • Annual review if investment portfolios.
  • Financial needs analysis tool for risk and investment products.
  • Trained admin staff to help with tax certificates, policy information, matured investments and withdrawals.

2.1    Car Tracker
Your vehicle is one of the most valuable assets that you can not afford to lose through theft.  Please contact us for a tracker to be installed in your car, van or truck.  This will help you to recover your vehicle when it is stolen.  The insurance premiums will be cheaper when you produce the proof of tracker installations.

When you purchase this product you will be entitled to car tracks recovery warranty.  They pay up to R150 000 if your vehicle can not be recovered.

2.2    Retrenchment  benefit
This benefit pays a non taxable lump sum when the life assured is involuntary retrenched.

2.3    Comprehensive Cancer cover
This benefit pays when life assured is diagnosed with cancer from stage 0.

2.4    Income Protection
When the bread winner loses income due to sickness or an accident, all his or her dependents will suffer.  There will  be no income to pay debts and monthly expenses.  Income protector will pay you monthly income when you are temporarily or permanently disabled.  One can have this benefit even if he is not prepared to go for  medical examination such as HIV blood test.